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50 Clues - Season 2 - Dead Or Alive (#1)

As a detective, you have tried to solve the deadly attack on your colleague and her son for the past four years. The main suspect, Maria, got away, but new information has finally emerged. The hunt for Maria can begin. "Dead or Alive" is the first part of the Maria trilogy. 50 Clues is an immersive puzzle game that offers the experience of an escape room at home. Combine objects, solve puzzles and decipher codes to complete the story. WARNING: Contains graphic violence. Unsuitable for children.

-Immersive story: 50 Clues is a game where the story and the puzzles are connected.

-Multistep hint system: You can ask for help wherever you are, so you never get stuck.

-Play right away: It does not require any preparation to play 50 Clues. Watch a video and get started.

-No app required: The game only needs a browser.

-This is the 1st box in the Maria series

 16 +           90 - 120 min          1 - 5 joueur(s)

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